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What are the shipping procedures?
Release time:2022/7/2
(1) Shipping procedures
1. Assembly: According to the transportation plan and the regulations of railway freight, assemble and assemble according to the variety, nature, weight and volume of the goods.
2. Document making: Clearly and accurately fill in various documents related to the transportation of goods.
3. Consignment: Submit the freight bill to the carrier station according to the specified date, transport the goods to the delivery station, and go through the procedures of inventory, inspection and handover with the freight forwarder.
4. Order delivery: The consignor will promptly submit the receipt certificate, payment receipt, transportation handover order, commodity purchase and sales certificate and other relevant documents to the receiving unit.
5. Forecast: After the goods are shipped, the shipper should immediately calculate and collect the miscellaneous charges and other expenses for the advance shipping to the consignee, and forecast the arrival time of the goods to the consignee.
(2) Transit procedures
1. Accepting the transit goods: When the transit point receives the transit goods, it should be checked and accepted immediately according to the delivery list. If there is any discrepancy, the reason should be found out, and the transshipment should be carried out after correction.
2. Delivery of transit goods: The stay time should be shortened as much as possible, and the goods should be shipped in the order in which they arrive, so that one batch of goods can be cleared. When shipping, pay attention to the order, the goods accompanying the goods or the documents first.
3. Closely contact with the receiving and shipping units.
(3) Receiving procedures
1. Do a good job in the preparation for receiving the goods, and contact the business department to arrange the connection between the vehicle and the ship. Contact the warehouse to prepare for warehousing, arrange and organize short-distance transportation capacity and handling and loading and unloading capacity.
2. Go through the receiving procedures. When receiving the goods delivered by the transportation department, check and accept the goods one by one according to the waybill. If it is found that the outer packaging of the goods is abnormal, the goods are incomplete, the scattered goods are small, the batches are disordered, etc., the freight record shall be compiled in time with the shipping department, and the reasons shall be found out, so as to clarify the relationship between the shipping unit, the shipping unit, the shipping unit and the receiving unit. responsibility for timely disposal.